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National Archives Depot, Pretoria

The National Archives Depot is Pretoria is a leading location for archival papers across a wide time-period, organisations and persons with particular reference to the old Transvaal as well as regarding all aspects of national life across South Africa. Its website is part of that of the National Archives of South Africa, and this is both difficult to use and not very helpful in accessing accurate information, as its search facilities do not cover the large majority of its manuscript holdings. Accessing information about its manuscript holdings will require visiting or a detailed email inquiry. A paper copy of its list of holdings is available at the Information Desk in the NAD. See http://www.national.archives.gov.za/

The Schreiner/Schreiner Related Collections held by the NAD are:

Jan Smuts: The papers of well-known politician and international statesman Jan Smuts are voluminous. Part of the collection focuses on official and governmental papers. Part of the collection is composed by many thousands of letters to Smuts and quite a large number of his drafts as well. The letters from Olive Schreiner are mainly to Isie Smuts, his wife, although her smaller number of letters to him are among her most powerful and prophetic. There are detailed useful finding aids for the collection.

W.T. Stead: The Stead Collection is held in microfilm only, made in the 1950s and of very poor quality. It is composed by microfilmed letters to W.T. Stead from Kitchener, and also from Alfred Milner to P.L. Gell, as well from Olive Schreiner to Stead. The finding aid is also part of the microfilm.