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Searching on the names of recipients of Schreiner’s letters
Letters to Schreiner’s principal correspondents are often located in a number of separate collections and so to search for a particular recipient, select one or more names from the recipient box. If you just wish to see all letters sent to a particular person, or number of people, enter '*' in to the text box, otherwise you can look for additional key words within those letters sent to one or more recipients by enter another search term into this box.

Searching for people mentioned in letters
The names of people mentioned in Schreiner’s letters can be searched in three ways. (1) Using the ‘Dramatis personae’, an alphabetical list will provide short biographical information, where available, of the people concerned. (2) The drop down Mentioning box on the search form that allows you to select one or more people. (3) By entering names in quotation marks in the Text box, as with "Milner" or "Tommy".

Using the Dramatis Personae
The Dramatis Personae is an alphabetical list with brief biographical information about the main recipients of Schreiner’s letters and also many of the people mentioned in them as well. Just click on the appropriate letter which starts the family name of the person concerned and a list will be provided.

Searching dates
To search on dates, please use the Date 1 and Date 2 boxes to enter the date range you are interested in. Schreiner’s earliest extant letter was written on 11 April 1871, and the last on 9 December 1920. In addition, the Register entry announcing Olive Schreiner's birth on 24 March 1855, and the telegram of 12 December which Fan Schreiner sent to Cronwright-Schreiner announcing Olive Schreiner's death on 10/11 December 1920, are also included.

Searching addresses
The addresses that Schreiner’s letters were written from and also sent to can be searched by.

Searching for places
The places mentioned in Schreiner’s letters can be searched by entering them in quotation marks in the Text box, as with "Matjesfontein" or "Hove".

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