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Cullen Library, Historical Papers, University of Witwatersrand

Historical Papers in the Cullen Library is a leading location for accessing archival papers across many periods, organisations and persons in South Africa’s historical and recent past. Many of its collections relate to the period of Schreiner's activities and constitute a major set of resources for those researching the South African past, including its recent past. It has a helpful and fully-searchable website which provides detailed information, including a fully-searchable catalogue of many of its manuscript collections. Staff are knowledgeable and as its website explains it would be helpful to let them know in advance if a visit is planned. See http://www.wits.ac.za/library/historical-papers/4/historical_papers.html

The main Schreiner/Schreiner-related collections held by the Cullen Library are:

Findlay Family: Schreiner’s letters to her eldest sister Katie and Katie’s son Hudson Findlay among others are part of the extensive Findlay Family Collection. The collection spans over 150 years and five generations and includes many documents and photographs as well as letters, and Schreiner's letters are a small part of this. There is a detailed useful finding aid for the collection.

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John Mackenzie: The extensive papers of the missionary and Deputy Commissioner of Bechuanaland Rev John Mackenzie (1854-1890 - there are two John Mackenzie collections) cover the period from 1854 to 189. They include just one letter from Schreiner. There is a detailed finding aid for the collection.

Henry Nourse: The Henry Nourse papers are extensive and cover the period from 1875 to 1936. They are composed of letters and other materials relating to mining pioneer, sportsman and soldier Henry Nourse and members of his family. They include just one letter from Schreiner to a Miss Battie. There is a detailed finding aid for the collection