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This is a new page on the Olive Schreiner Letters Online website. It provides full, detailed, genetic transcriptions of a range of Olive Schreiner's extant manuscripts. These are 'warts and all' transcriptions, with every addition, deletion and amendment tracked and recorded. Schreiner's avant-textes may be few in number, for many were destroyed, but those that remain are fascinating. They are both extremely messy and complicated, and also in most instances also very legible. Consequently they provide unique insight into her writing process.

Each genetic transcription of a manuscript will be accompanied by a detailed commentary on it. And as use of the phrases avant-textes and genetic transcription will indicate, this part of the Schreiner project is being done under the sign of genetic criticism and is designed to encourage a deeper engagement with the writing practices that Olive Schreiner engaged in.

The first manuscripts will appear in December 2017 and can be accessed via this page.