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Roden Noel

Roden Berkeley Wriothesley Noel (1834 - 1894) was a British writer and poet. He had intended to enter the church but decided against this and became a writer instead. He and his wife Alice Maria Caroline de Broë had three children; Frances, Conrad and Eric. Eric’s death at the age of five inspired A Little Child’s Monument published in 1881. Noel served as groom of the privy chamber to Queen Victoria between 1867 and 1871. Apart from poetry, Noel published a number of critical essays. From her 1880s letters to Havelock Ellis and also Karl Pearson, it seems that Roden Noel took an interest in Schreiner and her work and visited her on a number of occasions in 1885, and also sent her letters and a ‘likeness’ of himself. Schreiner commented on some of Noel’s poems in her letters, and also remarked approvingly about an article he wrote on Hinton. Noel died suddenly in 1894. It is likely that some letters were exchanged between Schreiner and Noel, although none have been traced.

For further information see:
Jessica Hinings (2004) ‘Noel, Roden Berkeley Wriothesley (1834-1894)’ Oxford Dictionary of National Biography Oxford University Press http://www.oxforddnb.com/view/article/20235 
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