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Robert Parker

Robert John Parker (1857-1918) was President of the Men and Women’s Club established by his friend Karl Pearson. Parker was at the time of the Club’s inception in 1885 a barrister, married to Constance Barkley since 1884, and “living in Brunswick Gardens, Kensington, the heart of respectable London” (Bland 1995: 5). Around half of the Club’s meetings took place at Parker’s home. Parker was later made a Chancery judge in 1906, and in 1913 he went to the House of Lords with the title of Baron Parker of Waddington. As Schreiner commented in a letter to Will Schreiner in 1911, “All my old friends & acquaintance are getting up in the world, I’ve just found out that Robert Parker whom I used to know as a young man is Sir Robert Parker Head Judge of the High Court in England.” The only extant letter from Schreiner to Parker dates from November 1886, is short and formal and sends him information about Howard Hinton’s lectures on ‘four dimensional space’.

For further information see:
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Lucy Bland (1995) Banishing the Beast: Feminism, Sex and Morality London: Tauris Parke
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