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Charlotte Wilson

Charlotte Mary Wilson (nee Martin) (1854 - 1944) was a feminist and anarchist friend of Schreiner’s in London in the 1880s. She had been educated at Girton College, Cambridge, and was a member of the Fabian Society before leaving it to join the anarchists and worked closely with Peter Kropotkin, helping him to edit the anarchist newspaper Freedom. Wilson lived in Hampstead in London and knew both Karl Pearson and Edward Carpenter. Schreiner’s letters contain various references to ‘Mrs Wilson’ and these continued for a time after she returned to South Africa in 1889; in 1890, for example, she asked Havelock Ellis to send a copy of Dreams to Wilson, hoping she might review it in Freedom. It is likely that letters were exchanged between Schreiner and Charlotte Wilson, although none have been traced.

For further information see:
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Nicolas Walter (1979) ‘Introduction’, in Charlotte Wilson Three Essays on Anarchism Sanday: Cienfuegos Press
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