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Tielman Roos

Tielman Johannes De Villiers Roos (1879 - 1935) was a South African politician, advocate and eventually a judge of the appeal court. After the 1899-1902 South African War, Roos was a key supporter of the Het Volk party, and a strong opponent of the extension of the Cape non-racial franchise. Roos served as leader of the National Party from its inception in 1914 until his withdrawal from politics in 1929, and he is regarded as a major figure in building up the National Party during its formative years. After the formation of the Pact government in 1924 Roos served as deputy prime minister to Hertzog. Schreiner mentions contacting Roos in 1920 to Caroline Murray in connection with her opposition to the Deceased Brother’s Widow’s Marriage Act, which was
repealed in 1921.

For further information see:
W.A. Kleynhans (1968) ‘Roos, Tielman Johannes de Villiers’ in (ed) W.J. de Kock Dictionary of South African Biography¬† Vol I Pretoria: National Council for Social Research, pp. 679 - 681
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