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Thomas Rhys Davids

Thomas William Rhys Davids (1843 - 1922) was an Orientalist scholar who had studied Greek and Sanskrit. He held a number of posts in the Ceylon Civil Service and there learnt Pali, later returning to England where he was Professor of Pali and Buddhist Literature at University College, London between 1882 and 1904. Rhys Davids married Caroline Augusta Foley in 1894, who was a prominent scholar in her own right and published several books on Buddhism. Thomas Rhys Davids was later Professor of Comparative Religion at the University of Manchester and wrote for the Manchester Guardian. He was a founder of the British Academy in 1901. Schreiner met Rhys Davids in the 1880s and referred to him in a few letters from that period. In 1911 she wrote a number of letters to Will Schreiner about the Universal Races Congress which he was due to attend, and asked him to look out for Thomas and Caroline Rhys Davids who “have written a paper together for the congress.”

For further information see:
Richard Chalmers, rev. Richard F. Gombrich (2004) ‘Davids, Thomas William Rhys (1843-1922)’ Oxford Dictionary of National Biography Oxford University Press, http://www.oxforddnb.com/view/article/32726
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