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Harriet Colenso

Harriet (or Harriette) Emily Colenso (1847 - 1932) was the eldest daughter of John William Colenso and his wife Frances Sarah Colenso nee Bunyan, well-known Church of England missionaries in Natal and advocates for the Zulu people. John Colenso eventually became Bishop of Natal. On her father's death Harriet Colenso continued her father's advocacy of the Zulu people against the colonial authorities, and she was instrumental in supporting Dinuzulu in 1888-89 and during his later trial between 1908 and 1909. Schreiner admired Colenso's political work and commented in a 1908 letter to Bob Muirhead about Dinuzulu's trial 'my dear friend Miss Colenso is straining every nerve to see justice done'. It is likely that some letters were exchanged between Schreiner and Harriet Colenso, although none have been traced. Harriet Colenso was the co-founder with Martin Luthuli (uncle of the Nobel Peace Prize winner Albert Luthuli), of the Natal Native Congress in 1900.

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