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Katherine Bruce Glasier

Katharine St John Bruce Glasier (nee Conway) (1867-1950) was a British socialist politician. From a modest background, Katharine Conway won a scholarship to study at Newnham College, Cambridge, in 1886. She worked for a time as a school teacher but became increasingly interested in socialist politics and joined the Fabian Society, for which she began lecturing by the early 1890s. Conway was a founding member of the Independent Labour Party (ILP) and one of the original members of the ILP’s first national administrative council. She married John Bruce Glasier in 1893, and together they championed labour and socialist causes. From mid-1916 Katharine Bruce Glasier with her husband John Bruce Glasier edited the Labour Leader, in which one of Schreiner’s writings was published. Schreiner’s 1893 letter to the Bruce Glasiers indicates that she knew the couple fairly well; she had probably met them during the 1880s and perhaps through her mutual friendships with Edward Carpenter and Isabella Ford. Her 1919 letter to Katharine Bruce Glasier, in which she expresses her sympathy regarding John Bruce Glasier’s illness, comments that “He has done so much for the cause”, and suggests that Schreiner enjoyed a warm friendship of long duration with the Bruce Glasiers, in spite of the scarcity of extant letters to them.

For further information see:
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