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Sir Henry Loch

Henry Broughham Loch (1827 - 1900) was a British colonial governor of military background. He married Elizabeth Villiers (aunt of Schreiner’s friend Constance Lytton) in 1862 and they had one son and two daughters. Loch worked for a time in the Home Office and in 1889 was appointed high commissioner for South Africa and Governor of the Cape Colony. While at first he supported Rhodes’ Chartered Company’s northwards expansion into what is now Zimbabwe, after uprisings by the Ndebele and Shona in 1893 and violent reprisals against so-called ‘rebels’ on the part of the Charted Company, Loch became an outspoken opponent and critic of Rhodes, suggesting to the British government that the Company’s charter be revoked. This suggestion was ignored and Loch’s relations with Rhodes became increasingly tense. Eventually Loch resigned and left South Africa in March 1895. When war broke out in South Africa in 1899 he helped raise a body of volunteers known as Loch’s Horse. Will Schreiner worked for a time as official legal advisor to Sir Henry Loch. Olive Schreiner knew the Lochs well and there is one extant letter from her to Elizabeth Loch but none to Henry Loch, although is likely that some letters were exchanged between them.

For further information see:
J. B. Atlay rev. John Benyon (2004) ‘Loch, Henry Brougham, first Baron Loch of Drylaw (1827-1900)’ Oxford Dictionary of National Biography Oxford University Press http://www.oxforddnb.com/view/article/16882
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