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Professor and Mrs D G Ritchie

David George Ritchie (1853 - 1903) and his second wife Ellen Sara Haycraft, who he married in 1889, were friends of Schreiner’s. David Ritchie was a professor of philosophy at Oxford, and later at St Andrew’s University, Scotland. He was involved in a number of reform causes and for a time a member of the Fabian Society. Ellen Haycraft lectured for the Fabian Society and remained an active member after her husband’s resignation. The couple had one son, Arthur. Schreiner knew Ellen Haycraft from the 1880s and makes several references to the Ritchies in her letters. In 1892 when Will Schreiner travelled from South Africa to Britain, Schreiner wrote to him that “I enclose a letter for my friend Mrs Ritchie in case you go to Oxford. She’s very brilliant, or used to be before she married. I’ve not seen her since. Her husband is a professor.”

For further information see:
S. M. den Otter 2004) ‘S. M. den Otter, ‘Ritchie, David George (1853-1903)’ Oxford Dictionary of National Biography Oxford University Press http://www.oxforddnb.com/view/article/35763
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