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Joseph Orpen

Joseph Millerd Orpen (1828 - 1923) was the husband of Schreiner's cousin Lily Orpen, Elise Pauline (Lily) Rolland, in 1859. He was born in Ireland but travelled to South Africa in 1846, becoming Land Surveyor in the Cape, removed to the then Orange River sovereignty and became a legislative council member, and also worked as the Resident Magistrate in Basutoland. Earlier he had owned a farm, Avoca, in the Colesberg district and Schreiner stayed there for a period during 1871. He became a vocal opponent of Union and supporter of black rights. He published a number of books, including Some Principles of Native Government Illustrated and My Reminiscences and Life in South Africa.

For more information see:
J.J. Oberholster (1968) 'Orpen, Joseph Millerd' in (ed) W.J. de Kock Dictionary of South African Biography Vol I Pretoria: National Council for Social Research, pp. 602 - 603
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