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Letter ReferenceOlive Schreiner BC16/Box2/Fold3/1900/53
ArchiveUniversity of Cape Town, Manuscripts & Archives, Cape Town
Epistolary TypeLetter
Letter Date1 October 1900
Address FromHanover, Northern Cape
Address ToRozelin, Gardens, Cape Town, Western Cape
Who ToBetty Molteno
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The Project is grateful to Manuscripts and Archives, University of Cape Town, for kindly allowing us to transcribe this Olive Schreiner letter, which is part of its Manuscripts and Archives Collections. The name of the addressee and the address this letter was sent to are provided by an attached envelope. The name of the addressee is also indicated by salutation and content.
1 Hanover
2 Oct 1st 1900
4 My dear Friend
6 I’m so thankful to hear Miss Greene is better. I wish she would try
7Fellow’s Hypophosphates. Its a wonderful nerve & brain tonic, the
8phosphates supplying just what the brain uses up when working hard or
9under strong emotion. We are so happy & comfortable here. This place
10seems to me absolutely perfect. If only some one could assure me I
11could go on staying here for years & years. All the people are so
12loveable & friend, & for me the climate is perfect. I am so hoping Mrs
13Johnson will stay on here for some time so that have not to leave. She
14says you & Miss Green stayed once at her father’s house in Worcester
15– Dr Treadwell’s. She is a great jingo, but of course we never
16refer to the war. Some well informed in the moves of the Africander
17part says that Rhodes plan is vote for an amnesty, & in return he
18wants the Africander party to play into his hand as to taking over
19Rhodesia, & to rest satisfied with the taking over of the republics by
22 I am very busy writing all the time now. The first of the long
23articles I sent home fo divided into eight chapters is appearing in
24the Ethical Review. I got only £20 for the whole eight. I have sent
25home the other & hope they will get me a little more for it; it’s a
26pity one cannot live on air; one almost could here it’s so splendid!
28 It would be splendid fun if Rhodes gave Innes a spill: if it were not
29a relation between the South African party & Rhodes means death to all
30the highest interest of South Africa.
32 "Please hand the MS of my article to Mary Sauer, Mary Sauer, but tell
33her to take care of it
^& give it you back soon.^ I hear that Rhodes &
34the Russian princesses newspaper has the most profuse praise of me &
35my work. I should have thought that Rhodes knew his man by this time;
36& that it was as useless throwing flattery to me, as unreadable gold
37to the dead. It’s strange after all how little he really does
38understand human beings!
40 I am so thankful to be here, its all so nice. I think de Wett is doing
41more than we hear. Let me know if you go to Caledon but I fancy Miss
will not want ^to go to Calledon just now, things are so
43?political in Cape Town.
45 Good bye dear heart,
46 Olive^
48 ^He does not in his letter exactly say whether the African Party is
49willing to do this or not. But I don’t know whether politicians are
50strong enough to resist anything that affords them a momentary victory
51over political opponents & the joy of office. But we shall see what we
52shall see. Sauers speeches & Merriman’s were splendid.^
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