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Letter ReferenceSchreiner-Hemming Family BC 1080 A1.7/45
ArchiveUniversity of Cape Town, Manuscripts & Archives, Cape Town
Epistolary TypeLetter
Letter DateSunday 1 September 1901
Address FromHanover, Northern Cape
Address To
Who ToHenrietta (‘Ettie’) Schreiner m. Stakesby Lewis (1891)
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The Project is grateful to Manuscripts and Archives, University of Cape Town, for kindly allowing us to transcribe this Olive Schreiner letter, which is part of its Manuscripts and Archives Collections.
1 Hanover
2 Sunday night
3 Sep 1st 1901
5 My darling old sister
7 I have had no news from Grahamstown since the note I got from you last
8Thursday morning morning. You must not write; unreadable I know the
9terrible strain writing is even to those one loves best in your
10over-worked state, but ask Effie or Elberty to send just two lines
11daily if they can (one or other, to let me know how mother is.
13 I have also not heard from Cron for some time, not since the letter I
14got on Thurs-day, but I fancy no letters have come through from Cape
15Town since. I am expecting my darling tomorrow morning by the post
16cart. I am making him a grand dinner with your lemon cheese-cake, &
17chutney & all the nice things I brought from Grahamstown, & I’ve
18made our little room look as pretty & nice as I can.
20 Ask Effie to tell me: -
22 1. If mother is more restful
23 2. If she takes more interest in out-side things.
24 3. If she seems stronger
25 4. If her cough is better.
27 I & Neta have been quite alone in this house for some days as the lady
28from whom I hire the room has gone to their farm, with her little
29nephew. But I have been so happy getting everything ready for my
30darling. Little Neta sends her love to you all: she had a bath this
31morning & is now as white as snow, & is sleeping on my bed.
33 I enclose a PO order for 10/- Please take from it the money you paid
34for me, & with the rest buy me when you come or when Arthur comes if
35he comes first 2/- worth of brown bakers bread, & two bottles of Mrs
36Rudd’s jam, one bottle of Cape gooseberry & one of orange marmalade
37the cost 1/3 each
39 2/6 jam
40 2/- bread
41 4/- Repay yourself
42 ------------------------
43 8/6 & one 1/6
45 for the carriage will make the 10/- You will have more than your full
46amount of luggage & have to pay extra for it. If you could send me a
47line two days yet before you leave I would ask the post cart driver to
48call at the station for it. If you were unreadable asleep passing in
49the night the guard would give it to the station master. Please
50address it personally to the care of the station master. I hope you
51will get a strong native man to help you in packing mother’s things
52so that you have no lifting to do. You must not quite wear yourself
53out my darling. If you would take care of self now you might have many
54years of usefulness & health, perhaps such health as you have never
55known. Give my love to my old Will.
57 Your little sis
58 Olive
60 I wouldn’t have missed that seeing you in Grahamstown, dear one, for
61anything. One looses many things as one grows older but one has a
62power of endurance one never had when one was young, ^& that makes up
63for many things, eh?^