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Letter ReferenceKarl Pearson 840/4/5/1-2
ArchiveUniversity College London Library, Special Collections, UCL, London
Epistolary TypeLetter
Letter Date25 January 1888
Address FromAlassio, Italy
Address To
Who ToKarl Pearson
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PermissionsPlease read before using or citing this transcription
The Project is grateful to University College London (UCL) and its Library Services for kindly allowing us to transcribe this Olive Schreiner letter, which is part of its Special Collections. The date has been written on this letter in an unknown hand. The name of the addressee is indicated by content and the place of the letter in the archival sequence.
1 I kept your cheque as a reserved fund to fall back in in case of need.
2I send it to you as there is no bankers here. Send me back my notes.
4 I understand that Fisher Unwin sent the book. I thought you had failed
5in your promise to send me all you wrote. Die Fromia I have ordered,
6it has not yet come.
8 I am very joyful over the large book. You perhaps do not recognize how
9much the papers, especially the the Enthusiasm of the study &
& the sex papers gain by connection with the others. The
11Kingdom of God in Münster throws light on both of them, & they give
12it its value.
14 I have at present nothing to publish. After a years steady work I hope
15my book will be ready.
17 I have a favour to ask of you. I have a fragment I might publish in
18the Fortnightly but am doubtful of its suitability’s being suitable.
19Will you read it over, returning it to me if unfit, & sending it on
20with a letter I shall enclose to the Fortnightly if suitable? I shall
21trust you to use your dis-cretion in the matter. Neither this, nor the
22manuscript, will need any reply from you.
24 Alassio Italy
26 I forward a manuscript by a woman which may interest you as throwing
27light on woman’s feelings. It is not to be shown to any one; &,
30 You must not write to me on any subject, what-so-ever: but I will
31accept all your works from you.
The 'fragment' Schreiner refers to was never published in the Fortnightly Review. The 'manuscript by a woman' which she sent to Pearson cannot be established, and nor can the book Fisher Unwin has sent to her. 'Die Fromia' is Pearson's (1887) Die Fronica, Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte des Christusbildes im Mittelalter Strasburg: Karl J. Trubner. The 'large book' is Pearson's (1888) The Ethic of Freethought: A Selection of Lectures and Essays London: T. Fisher Unwin, in which his 'Enthusiasm of the Market-Place and of the Study' and 'The Kingdom of God in Munster' were published, among other papers.