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Letter ReferenceElisabeth Cobb 840/1/6
ArchiveUniversity College London Library, Special Collections, UCL, London
Epistolary TypeLetter
Letter DateApril 1885
Address From4 Robertson Terrace, Hastings, East Sussex
Address To
Who ToElisabeth Cobb nee Sharpe
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The Project is grateful to University College London (UCL) and its Library Services for kindly allowing us to transcribe this Olive Schreiner letter, which is part of its Special Collections. The year has been written on this letter in an unknown hand.
1 4 Robertson Terrace
2 April
4 My dear Mrs Cobb
6 Thank you for your letter. Will you please send me another copy of
7that pam. on "Socialism." I want to send it to a very interesting man
8I am writing to. He is a Scotsman lives at Carlisle. His father was a
9gentleman’s gardener, & he himself was a railway clerk for a long
10time, & now lives by selling coals on commission. He is entirely a
11self-educated man, but very intellectual & very interesting He is a
12very earnest socialist of the Carpenter type. I don’t know any one
13who has written to me that I feel so unreadable interested in.
15 About Edith Simcox. Havelock Ellis wrote to her & sent her a copy of
16the pamphlet. She didn’t like it at all.
18 How goes it with the club? A delightful woman came to see me the other
19day, do you know anything of her, a Miss Marks, a young Jewess lives
20with Madame Bodichon? I should think she would be a splendid woman for
21such a club, but of course I don’t know enough of her yet to speak
22with certainty She is one of the most fascinating little specimens of
23humanity I have yet seen, a kind of emotional Miss Müller. She has I
24believe made some valuable little mathematical invention of some kind
25She is going to be married next month. Her little flushed face looked
26so lovely when she was telling me about it. One can’t help laughing
27secretly at the thought of those wiseacres who imagine that
28cultivation can kill out a woman’s emotional nature!
30 Yes, how funny that you should hear of Mrs Walters again. I wish you
31knew her personally. I don’t think I am in any way blinkered in
32thinking hers such a rare & beautiful nature, one that unfolds as you
33get nearer to it.
35 We have had such a glorious day here. The sea has been all shades of
36blue. It made one happy to look at it. I think I shall be coming up to
37town the week after next. Shall try to get rooms at Hampstead. I hope
38the spring is making you feel stronger.
40 Ever sincerely yours
41 Olive Schreiner
43 Sorry to trouble you about the pamphlet but have forgotten the
The 'pam. on socialism' refers to Karl Pearson's 'Sex and Socialism', which was published in To-Day (1887) and re-published in Karl Pearson (1888) The Ethic of Freethought London: T. Fisher Unwin.