"That I may finish that book, 'From Man to Man', being of some use, tragedy & bitterness of woman's fate" Read the full letter
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Letter ReferenceMary Gladstone (Mrs Drew) Add. 46244, ff.168-171
ArchiveBritish Library, Department of Manuscripts, London
Epistolary TypeLetter
Letter Date16 June 1888
Address FromRoseneath, Harpenden, Hertfordshire
Address To
Who ToMary Drew nee Gladstone (m. 1886)
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The Project is grateful to the British Library for kindly allowing us to transcribe this Olive Schreiner letter, which is part of its Special Collections.
1 Roseneath
2 Harpenden
3 Herts
4 June 16 / 88
6 Dear Mrs Drew
8 Your letter has just been sent on to me. When I read the first part &
9heard Mrs Littleton had left a child I felt I must ask you to let me
10know it & love it a little. It was a pain to me to know it was dead.
11One would always have turned from her death to it's life, & saught to
12make the balance right so. It's very beautiful she should have known
13about it, & not been unconscious. I should like to show you some day a
14little bit ^out^ of a story I once made, about a little child who finds
15its mother's still-born baby in the room where they have laid it out.
16It's a little founded on something that once happened to me when I was
17a child, & you'll understand why that little story of her's touched me
18so much. I was always praying when I was a small child to find a white
19baby. I hope you are having a very good time in my beloved Germany.
21 I have left Gt Ormond St, & taken a tiny cottage here where I live
22quite by myself without a servant. It is a lovely place with a big
23common. I wonder whether perhaps, when you come back you might,
24perhaps, come to Harpenden; it's only twenty-five miles from London, &
25one can so easily drive out? It would be very delightful to have a
26walk with you on the common, much nicer than to see you in London.
27I've not read Robert Ellesmere but intended to before & certainly
28shall now.
30 Do you know the name of the clergyman you mentioned? I almost think I
31shall go to hear him!! I've not been in a Protestant church since I
32was fifteen. I couldn't go at the Cape because I should have gained so
33much by going. Where does Mr MacColl preach also? I should like to
34hear him.
36 Please let me know when you come back to England. I shall be here all
37the summer. It's so delightful & wild. I don't know a soul here. I
38can't realize London is only 25 miles off.
40 I have posted the letter.
42 Yours sincerely
43 Olive Schreiner
The 'story I once made' is the Prelude to From Man to Man. The book referred to is: Mrs Humphrey Ward (1888) Robert Elsmere Leipzig: n.p.