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Letter ReferenceJoburgPubLibMorthlandCronwright/1
ArchiveHoward Strange Library of African Collections, Johannesburg Public Library
Epistolary TypeLetter
Letter DateWednesday 28 February 1894
Address FromKrantz Plaats, Halesowen, Eastern Cape
Address To
Who ToMorthland Cronwright
Other VersionsRive 1987: 234-5
PermissionsPlease read before using or citing this transcription
Schreiner’s letter to Morthland Cronwright appears in Rive’s (1987) edition of Schreiner letters, and is referenced to the Howard Strange Library of African Collections, Johannesburg Public Library. The Howard Strange Library has been closed and its collections in storage throughout the Schreiner Letters Project, and so Rive’s version, with the usual provisos about possible errors and unmarked as well as marked omissions, is provided for the sake of completeness. A transcription from the original manuscript letter will be supplied at a later date.
1My dear Morthland
3Thank you so much for your letter of welcome. I wanted to answer it at
4once, but I was so very busy last week. Cron and I have been here four
5days and are getting quite settled down.
7Cron told me of the letter he had from you this morning. I certainly
8think it would be better for you to leave Hopetown. I should have
9great pleasure in writing to Mr Fuller, who would, I know, do anything
10he could for me. Will you please explain to me what the post is you
11would like, and also send me any testimonials you have by return of
12post? I should like to have a photograph of you to send to Mr Fuller.
13Can't you have one taken at Hopetown? None of those Cron has are good
14enough. I do feel that you are to a large extent thrown away in you
15present post; and at the most important stage in his development it is
16a pity for a man to be shut up in a little upcountry town ...