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Letter ReferenceSchreiner-Hemming Family BC 1080 A1.7/5
ArchiveUniversity of Cape Town, Manuscripts & Archives, Cape Town
Epistolary TypeLetter
Letter Date After Start: April 1874 ; Before End: December 1874
Address FromColesberg, Northern Cape
Address To
Who ToHenrietta ('Ettie') Schreiner m. Stakesby Lewis (1891)
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The Project is grateful to Manuscripts and Archives, University of Cape Town, for kindly allowing us to transcribe this Olive Schreiner letter, which is part of its Manuscripts and Archives Collections. Schreiner was resident in Colesberg from mid April 1874 to the beginning of March 1875.
1 Colesberg
2 1874
4 My dear old Sissie!
6 I have no time to do more than write & thank you for the very
7beautiful photo as Georgie & Joseph are both ill & we don’t seem to
8know which thing to do first.
10 Poor dear little George is really very bad but I am glad to say that
11Joseph seems quite bright this morning.
13 I like the photos much yours is by far the best that has even been
14taken of you & as for dear old Theo he is as near my beau ideal of
15what a man should look as any one I have ever seen, now he has shaved.
17 I will send the things that came for you in my box by the next post
18Cobb & ?fos. You must not pay the carriage. The slippers looked just
19as old & torn when I got them as they do now I think they are a pair
20that Mrs Kruger made for Alice but which she found too small. I had
21the parcel ready to send down by the last coach but had no one to send
22down town with it.
24 I am as vexed as you can be at the article in the journal. Mr Weakley
25thinks it was not written with the intention of making fun of you but
26I think it was
28 I was so grieved to think of your being so ill perhaps if you manage
29to save enough to pay for your taking your diamond home to Europe your
30selves, the sea voyage may do you good.
32 Mrs Weakley sends love & thanks for the likeness &c.
34 Good bye darling sister
35 Your loving old
36 Olive
The article in the journal mentioned, about Ettie Schreiner, cannot be established.