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Letter ReferenceKarl Pearson 840/4/4/9-11
ArchiveUniversity College London Library, Special Collections, UCL, London
Epistolary TypeLetter
Letter Date12 February 1887
Address FromClarens, Lake Geneva, Montreux, Switzerland
Address To
Who ToKarl Pearson
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The Project is grateful to University College London (UCL) and its Library Services for kindly allowing us to transcribe this Olive Schreiner letter, which is part of its Special Collections.
1 Feb 12 / 87
2 Clarens
4 My dear Mr Pearson
6 On partly opening the letter you returned I find it contains one from
7yourself. Will you forgive me if I put it by for a few months
8unopened? I think you will not understand my doing so. There is
9nothing further I can explain & I am like the church in Philadelphia &
10have, "a little strength". I know what your letter contains is direct
11& truthful; at last that is the only quality one comes greatly to
12value or seek for.
14 I know you will not mis-construe my action in this.
16 I am,
17 Yours very faithfully
18 Olive Schreiner
20 I re-open my letter because it occurs to me that you may have written
21to say you do not wish to show my letter or forward the enclosed to
22Mrs Cobb. Do exactly as you like. I wrote simply because I felt I had
23no right to allow a misunderstanding which I myself had caused ^to
24continue^ if there was a possibility of its injuring your work.
26 Kindly tell Parker the "marriage note" will shortly be sent to him.
27I’m so sorry I couldn’t get it ready for the 14th.
Schreiner's 'marriage note' was never completed.