"Small Schreiner expected by Will & Fan, many London friends" Read the full letter
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Letter ReferenceEdward Carpenter 359/32
ArchiveSheffield Archives, Archives & Local Studies, Sheffield
Epistolary TypeLetter
Letter Date After Start: December 1888 ; Before End: March 1889
Address FromHotel du Pavillon, Mentone, France
Address To
Who ToEdward Carpenter
Other VersionsRive 1987: 143
PermissionsPlease read before using or citing this transcription
The Project is grateful to the Sheffield Archives, Sheffield Libraries, Archives and Information Services, for kindly allowing us to transcribe this Olive Schreiner letter, which is part of its Archive Collections. Schreiner stayed in the Hotel du Pavillon from mid December 1888 to mid March 1889.
1 Please return my precious letter to me. I send it you because I want
2you so much realy to know her.
4 I was ordered here by Doctor because I had low fever at Alassio.
6 I’m better. Isn’t this a lovely place!!! No wonder you didn’t
7like Alassio. It’s nothing to this. I’m staying in a quiet hotel
8quite out of the town, it’s the other end from where you stayed. So
9lovely & quiet. I’m the only person in this big house & it’s all
10so lovely.
12 I’ll send you the woman’s ^penny^ paper with my two little dreams.
13Glad "Civilization" is going to be published.
15 Sometimes feel as though I should never do any more real work in the
16world - but it doesn’t matter.
18 I’m hoping my little Alice will come a bit in the Spring. It’s too
19beautiful here for any words. The sea & sky are more perfect than I
20ever knew them.
22 Goodbye.
23 Olive
25 Hotel du Pavillon
26 Mentone
The two allegories in particular were published in the The Women’s Penny Paper, edited by Henrietta Muller, a friend of Schreiner's met at the Men and Women's Club. These were: See: "I Thought I Stood" Women's Penny Paper vol 1 no 7, 8 December 1888, p.1; "Once More I Stood" Women's Penny Paper vol 1 no 8, 15 December 1888, p1; and "Life's Gifts" Women's Penny Paper vol 1 no 47, 14 September 1889, p.7. Civilization' refers to: Edward Carpenter (1889) Civilization: Its Cause and Cure London: Swan Sonnenschein. Rive's (1987) version omits part of this letter and is also in a number of respects incorrect.