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Letter ReferenceLetters/28
Epistolary Type
Letter DateAugust 1884
Address FromBolehill, Wirksworth, Derbyshire
Address To
Who ToLouie Ellis
Other VersionsCronwright-Schreiner 1924: 39
PermissionsPlease read before using or citing this transcription
When Cronwright-Schreiner prepared The Letters of Olive Schreiner, with few exceptions he then destroyed her originals. However, some people gave him copies and kept the originals or demanded the return of these; and when actual Schreiner letters can be compared with his versions, his have omissions, distortions and bowdlerisations. Where Schreiner originals have survived, these will be found in the relevant collections across the OSLO website. There is however a residue of some 587 items in The Letters for which no originals are extant. They are included here for sake of completeness. However, their relationship to Schreiners actual letters cannot now be gauged, and so they should be read with caution for the reasons given. The month and year of the letter are implied by its place in the sequence of Cronwright-Schreiner letters.
1To Miss Louie Ellis.
2Bole Hill.
4I don't know if Ellis is writing to you. I want to write to you. I'm
5glad you have been having such a fine time. What was the gown you
6planned me? I want to wear boy's clothes and will as soon as I can get
7other women to join me. Boy's knickerbockers, but not coats, I think
8they are ugly. A kind of blouse reaching to the knee. Ellis will tell
9you about the long walks we have been, our going to Miller's Dale, etc.
10, etc. He is sitting at the other side of the room now writing away to
11someone or other. We have had a very jolly time, and I think he is
12looking much better than when he came. I fancy working for that exam
13tired him.
15We are going to have lunch now. I just wanted to write a word to you.