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Letter ReferenceAletta Jacobs Papers AHJ/281
ArchiveAletta, International Archives for the Women’s Movement, Amsterdam
Epistolary TypeLetter
Letter Date21 January 1913
Address FromDe Aar, Northern Cape
Address To
Who ToAletta Jacobs
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Olive Schreiner’s letters to Aletta Jacobs are part of the International Archives for the Women’s Movement collections, to whom thanks are due for access to the microfilm of the Aletta Jacobs Papers.
1Address -- to --
2De Aar
3Cape of Good Hope
4South Africa
5Jan 21st 1913
7Dear Dr Jacobs
9It was a great pleasure to me to get your letter. I have been too ill
10all the last year to do any real letter writing Now I have come down
11to the coast to see what the lower level will do for me.
13I do hope you will in getting in a more liberal ministry in Holland.
14Do let me know how it goes. Colonial papers give us so little news of
15what is going on in Europe that is of real interest.
17You will I know be glad to hear that my little niece Lyndall whom you
18saw with me, has passed successfully her first law exam= to become a
19barrister. She is the first woman in Africa to take up law, but I hope
20many will follow. In the mean time we have a big fight before us.
22The Univers-aty here has gives women the same degrees as men, & makes
23no distinction of sex. But the law society composed of Barristers &c
24is opposed to women’s being aloud to practice, & will not admit them
25into the courts. So we shall have to get an act of parliament passed
26allowing them to practise. We are getting up petitions now. I have a
27hope that by the time she passes her final in two years the bar may be
28open to her.
30I have also a favour to ask of you. My second niece, Lyndalls ^younger^
31sister is now studying medicine in England This is her first year. She
32sometimes visits Holland. If she does so might I give her a letter of
33introduction to you, & would you let her call on you. I feel it would
34not only be a great pleasure to her to have a talk with you, but it
35would be an inspiration & a help to her. She is very much in earnest
36about her work.
38If anything should take you to England at any time I would be so glad
39if you would let her come to see you. Her address is Miss Ursula
Newnham College, Cambridge, England. You cannot I’m sure
41understand what a bright memory is that day you spent at de Aar. You
42would have to understand how lonely life in South Africa is mentally
43to understand it.
45I would much value a photograph of your self if ever you have one you
46could give me. I will send you mine if ever I am taken
48Yours ever
49Olive Schreiner