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Letter ReferenceAletta Jacobs Papers AHJ/297
ArchiveAletta, International Archives for the Women’s Movement, Amsterdam
Epistolary TypePostcard
Letter Date31 August 1915
Address From30 St Mary Abbotts Terrace, Kensington, London
Address To158 Koninginneweg, Amsterdam, Holland
Who ToAletta Jacobs
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PermissionsPlease read before using or citing this transcription
Olive Schreiner's letters to Aletta Jacobs are part of the International Archives for the Women's Movement collections, to whom thanks are due for access to the microfilm of the Aletta Jacobs Papers. The date of this postcard is provided by the postmark, which is almost illegible, while the address it was sent to is on its front. Schreiner's comment about her friend's baby enables it to be dated to 1915, with Dorothy von Moltke, the friend referred to, giving birth to a daughter that year. The address Schreiner wrote the postcard from is provided by content.
1Dear Dr Jacobs Thank you so much. Could you possibly send a card for
2me to my dear friend & tell her how thankful I am to hear that she is
3all right. That I have written to her father & mother. That she must
4please let me hear from her again; & please be sure to tell her, that
5my address is 30 St Mary Abbotts Terrace Kensington. Tell her I am
6well & am staying on here, not returning to South Africa yet.
8It would be such a great favour to me if you would do this. I hope all
9will be well with dear little Holland.
11Yours ever
12Olive Schreiner
Over the period of the war, because of censorship problems Jacobs relayed news and information from Schreiner's 'dear friend' Dorothy von Moltke to Schreiner, and then between Moltke and her parents Jessie and James Rose Innes; see Schreiner to Dorothy von Moltke, August 1914 (Olive Schreiner: Dorothy Moltke MSC 26/2.7/12), and also Schreiner to Aletta Jacobs, 8 February 1915 (Aletta Jacobs Papers AHJ/291) and 17 August 1915 (Aletta Jacobs Papers AHJ/296).