"Unwise to start branch of Aborigines Protection society; bad name" Read the full letter

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Schreiner's letters have these strong 'bird in flight' characteristics, and as a consequence they provide a unique source for exploring the unfolding thinking of one of the great feminist theorists and New Woman writers. Her letters are an unparalleled resource for investigating colonialism under transition, feminism and socialism, prostitution, marriage, changing understandings of ‘race’ and capital, imperialism in southern Africa, the South African War, women's franchise campaigns, ‘race’ and labour issues, international feminist networks, pacifism and war economies, political and economic change in South Africa post WW1, and much more.

In addition, Schreiner's letters enable her writing practices to be explored over a time-period in which many technological and related social changes greatly impacted on epistolary exchanges, including the invention of addresses, postage stamps and postal services, steam transport, the telegraph…

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