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Mona Caird

(Alice) Mona Caird nee Alison (1854 - 1932) was a ‘New Woman’ writer who, in addition to novels, wrote several polemical critiques of marriage, and in 1892 published her ‘A Defence of Wild Women’ in the Nineteenth Century. Caird was also involved in temperance circles, and the animal rights and anti-vivisection movements.

She attended a number of meetings of the Men and Women’s Club, where, from comments in Schreiner’s letters to Karl Pearson, it is evident she met and conversed with Schreiner. It is possible that some letters were exchanged between Schreiner and Caird, although none have been traced.

For further information see:
Beverly E. Schneller (2004) ‘Caird , (Alice) Mona (1854-1932)’ Oxford Dictionary of National Biography Oxford University Press http://www.oxforddnb.com/view/article/40932  
M. D. Stetz (1985) ‘Turning points: Mona Caird’ and ‘The future of the home’, Turn-of-the-Century, 2/2, 2-9
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