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Letter Reference Raine-Rive/1
Epistolary TypeLetter
Letter Date6 November 1887
Address FromAlassio, Italy
Address To
Who ToHenry (Harry) Buxton Forman
Other VersionsRive 1987: 130
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1My dear Mr Forman
3Many thanks for the letter you sent me. I was very sorry to find your
4friends not at home when I arrived in Florence, and they only returned
5the day I left. I am back again in my favourite retreat, a little
6village with one street that runs along the shore of the sea, and with
7the olive woods all around, and where one need not be respectable, i.e.
8 can go about with a shawl over one's head instead of a hat!! I spent
9some months here last year and shall stay here now for six or seven.
10It's difficult to believe one's in the same world that holds the East
11End of London. The earthquake of last year was worse here than at any
12place except Diano Marina, and not more than half the houses are
13rebuilt, but the people seem perfectly happy sitting in the sun and I
14am like them.
16...I do not think I shall return to England this next summer, but if I
17should do so ...I hope I shall have the pleasure of meeting yourself
18and Mrs Forman.
20Believe me,
21Sincerely yours,
22Olive Schreiner
Schreiner’s letter to Buxton Foreman appears in Rive’s (1987) edition of Schreiner letters, provided by Peter Raine, the grandson of Cronwright-Schreiner via his second wife and their daughter Cronlyn. The original cannot now be traced, and so Rive’s version, with the usual provisos about possible errors and unmarked as well as marked omissions, is provided for the sake of completeness.