Legal statement goes here 2020-04-09T23:28:29 350 1 British History Online Index of subjects Quilters , xxxvi Quitclaims , 128, 149, 188 – 9, 204, 213, 250, 272 – 3 — to Geoffrey Chaucer, 268 Quitrents , actions relating to, 59, 61 Quo Warranto , of 1683, ix Ransom , of prisoners inRecords and AuthoritiesManuscripts of 86 leaves. The text is in Latin with a translation in Middle English of about the time of Chaucer. The Latin version is a transcript from an earlier copy which no longer exists. The transcript was probably madeThe founderFrom the Royal Charter (1133) I, cap. xv. Ib., Lib. II, prologue II, headed 'also another'. 'For thirttene is a convenent as I gesse', Chaucer, Canterbury Tales : The Somnours Tale, line 2250. Book of Found., Lib. II, prologue I. Robert de Sigillo, 1141-1151.DeedsC.4101 - C.4200 in the lands of the said John in Herlawe. Witnesses:-Robert Frere, citizen of London, John le Perer, Robert le Chaucer and others (named). 13 November, 2 Edward II. Seal damaged . Kent. C. 4193. Grant by William Hynt, RalphDeedsC.4501 - C.4600 the said Richard and the others have granted the said reversion to Sir Robert Halome, bishop of Salisbury, Thomas Chaucer, John Golafre, Hamo Bealknapp, John Hurlegh, clerk, John Warfeld and Thomas Berdesle; notify that they have attorned to theIndex of subjectsA - Z le Chaluner, 5140. le Chanun, 5449. le Chapman, 4953, 5120, 5123, 5440. le Chareman, 5660. le Charters, 4048. le Chaucer, 4192. le Chaudos, 4841. le Child, 5151, 5422. le Clerk, le Clerc, 4017, 4626, 5017, 5457, 5823, 6645. leDeedsA.1401 - A.1500 William Viel, sheriffs of the same, and others (named). 32 Henry III. [Middx. ] A. 1471. Grant by John Chaucer, citizen and vintner of London, and Agnes his wife, kinswoman and heir of Hamo de Copton, to William atteDeedsA.1501 - A.1600, which le Fourner acquired of Simon de Plaghe, leech, and Joan his wife, and which formerly belonged to John Chaucer, vintner, and Agnes his wife. Stephen de Cavendish, then Mayor, James Andreu and John de Sancto Albano, then sheriffsDeedsA.8701 - A.8800 de Northwell, clerk, to his dear mother and lady, Agnes de Northwell, and John de Northwell, son of Agnes Chaucer of London, and the heirs of the body of the said John begotten, of all his lands and tenements,London and Middlesex FinesEdward I Joan, his wife, and William, son of Richard de Hedersete, and Matilda, his wife. Premises in Harwys. Anno 35. 364 . Robert le Chaucer, and Mary, his wife, and Ralph le Clerk, of Edelmeton. Land in Edelmeton. Anno 35.IndexC close dated at, 36, 274, 277. Chatham , Godard de, of Stone, 585. Chattisham , Chatesham, co. Suffolk, 436. Chaucer , John le, of London, 531. Chaucumbe. See Chacombe. Chaucumbe , Chaucombe, Robert de, 128. -, Thomas de, 314,IndexC Chastillon. See Castellion. Chastillun , Alan de, 111. Chatemere , co. Devon, 596, 600. Chatham , co. Kent, 73. Chaucer , Richard le, 376. Chaucombe. See Chalcombe. Chaucombe , Hugh de, founder of Chalcombe priory, 468. -, John de,IndexC, co. Kent, 30, 72. -, Luton, Laghton, Leghton, in, 30, 72. Chattegrave. See Chedgrave. Chatyndon , co. Wilts, 234. Chaucer , John son of Robert le, 90, 93. -, Mary wife of Richard le, 90, 93. -, Richard le,IndexC, Adam, 311. Chater , Ralph, 27. Chatewall. See Chatwall. Chatkulne , William de, 104. Chatwall , co. Salop, 264. Chaucer , Mary wife of Robert le, 318. Chaucomb. See Chalcombe. -, Dalby. See Dalby, Great. Chaucombe , Thomas, 205,The wine trade with Gascony(Frank Sargent) Picard, John Michel, Henry Vannere, Henry Palmere, William Clapitus, Henry del Strete, John and Richard de Rothyng, and Richard Chaucer The magnitude and variety of the enterprises of these and other vintners of this time were very remarkable Picard,IndexL - Z at, 55; curfew rung at, 136, 142; inquest at, touching evidence in a case of trespass against Richard le Chaucer and Mary his wife, 218; all inquisitions touching citizens to be held at, and not elsewhere, 244 St. MartinIndexA - K Assessments. Aldgate , 101, 102; a turret near, leased to Walter Parmenter, 24; a tenement over, let to Geoffrey Chaucer, 327-8 Aldgate Bar , 11 Aldgate Ward , Aldermen of: Berkyngge, Richard de, 48 Smelt, Richard, 48 Warde, John,Errata principles of medieval constitutional life in England." 45 The next Parliament met at Gloucester in October, 1407, when Thomas Chaucer, son of the poet and one of the members for Oxfordsh ire in the Parliaments of 1401, 1402, andWills35 Edward III (1361-2) in Galicia, Spain. 2 Or Girdle of Riches, one made of costly material studded with precious stones, such as Chaucer describes in his translation of the 'Romance of the Rose':- The Bokell of it was of ston The mordaunt,IndexB -, -, Margaret his daughter, wife of John Grenevylle, knight, 446. -, -, Maud his daughter, wife of Thomas Chaucer, 446. Burghfield , Burfeld, Burfelde, co. Berks, 113, 342. Burghill , Burghulle, co. Hereford, 'Maunselesplace' in, 469. -, Tillington,