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Letter ReferenceOlive Schreiner: Extracts of Letters to Cronwright-Schreiner MSC 26/2.16/511
ArchiveNational Library of South Africa, Special Collections, Cape Town
Epistolary TypeExtract
Letter Date27 March 1913
Address Fromna
Address To
Who ToS.C. (‘Cron’) Cronwright-Schreiner
Other VersionsCronwright-Schreiner 1924: 323
PermissionsPlease read before using or citing this transcription
The Extracts of Letters to Cronwright-Schreiner were produced by Cronwright-Schreiner in preparing The Life and The Letters of Olive Schreiner. They appear on slips of paper in his writing, taken from letters that were then destroyed; many of these extracts have also been edited by him. They are artefacts of his editorial practices and their relationship to original Schreiner letters cannot now be gauged. They should be read with considerable caution for the reasons given. Cronwright-Schreiner has written the date onto this extract. There are some differences between this transcription and the version that appears in The Letters….
1 …Dear loved one, I’m glad you like my writings. I wish I could
2more often show you myself that which you could as well love. But you
3know I think one is driven to writing - the propelling force which
4makes all true artists write who do not write either for wealth or
5fame - is the feeling that so & so only can they express their inward
6self, the real self that lives always in loneliness. Art is the little
7crack in the iron wall of life which spirit can force shuts one in
8awful isolation through which the spirit can force itself out & show
9itself to its own like-minded fellow spirits outside; or rather can
10creep in through the cracks in their terrible walls that shut in the
11individual life and say “you are not alone.”…