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The links below take you to pages on which you can access, read, search and print Olive Schreiner’s letters.

'Essential Schreiner' features Schreiner's 'Must Read' letters, letters concerned with transitions and turning points, and those which show the lighter side of her letter-writing practices, as well as an outline chronology of events and happenings in her life. 'Schreiner On Writing & Publishing' contains two indexes. The first is a list of all the letters in which she mentions or discusses her writing, including both particular publications and also her comments on writing as an activity, her work. The second is a sub-set of this, and it lists those letters which discuss publishers and editors and her dealings - not always very happy - with them. 'Letters By Topic' contains collections of Schreiner's letters which are classified by a range of topics which interested, appalled or engaged her and stimulated her analytic interests. All of these letters can also be accessed by using the general search facilities of the Schreiner Letters Online, which also provide full information about the archives and archive collections that the originals are located in. In addition, 'Collections & Archives' provides detailed information on these archives and how to contact them for more information.

The Olive Schreiner letters can be searched in a wide range of ways: by dates, by their addressees, using the names or people or places... 'Search Her Letters' provides a wide range of search facilities, and the lists of letters generated can be displayed in a varety of ways, depending on your interests. And 'From The Editors Desk' gives important background information on how the Schreiner letters were produced and the editorial practices which have been involved.

Each letter is preceded by 'meta-data' concerning its archival location and reference, date, address sent to and from, and who the letter is written to; there is also information on how you should reference the letter if you quote from it. Some but not all of Schreiner's letters have 'Legends', which explain meta-data information where necessary, and 'Notations', which provide additional information focused around Schreiner's reading, books and articles mentioned, and in particular concerning her own writing and publications. For information about the people Schreiner wrote her letters to, and also many of the people mentioned in her letters, click on their names and you will be taken to the appropriate entry in the 'Dramatis Personae'; these provide background, biographical and other relevant information on the people concerned.

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